The link will take the visitor to the (milople) customizer page of that specific service. Lets say that this example page is that magento domain and the page for printing. Obviously you have your own expertise and maybe you know a way to do it better. The only thing is, we need to receive different info for printing then for embroideryFor embroidery or printing the logo on clothes they need to ask for a quote;

Info text; blah blah blah etc. etc.

So you want us to print your logo. Please provide us with as much info as possible.

This is where the customer can use the (milople) customizer and choose a template for a t-shirt, shirt, cap, polo or what ever, add (upload) the logo to the front and/or back and then provide us with the following specific info;

  • I need the embroidery shop’s expertise which clothing I should choose (checkbox)
  • I have found the clothes I want in the embroidery shop’s catalogue. The product number/link is: (textbox)
  • I have my own clothes and will you send it to you. (checkbox)
  • Size (not necessarily if send your own clothes):
  • amount per size:
  • I would like the size of the logo to be:(textbox)
  • I want it to be screenprinted:(checkbox)
  • I want it to be sublimated:(checkbox)
  • I want it to be Flexed:(checkbox)
  • I want to pick it up when ready (checkbox)
  • I want the embroidery shop to send it to us (checkbox)
  • Extra info: (textbox)
  • Then they ask for the quote. (please click her to go to the first page and try another link)

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